Review: Paula Takes A Risk by Randi M. Sherman

Paula Takes A Risk
Genre: Chick Lit
Publication Date: January 30, 2012
Publisher: Friesan Press
ISBN: 1770971564
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After thirty-four years of just letting life happen to her, Paula Tenenbaum’s mundane existence was suddenly interrupted. It was bad enough to be fired from her job because she was “average”, but on that same day, her boyfriend also dumped her for being “un-dynamic.” Somehow, someway Paula needed to make a change. But before she could figure out what her first step should be, her scheming neighbor Larry tapped into her silent desperation and dreams and challenged everything that she believed about herself.
At first Paula was skeptical and scared, but quickly, she realized that she had nothing to lose, as she donned the persona of the successful, and vibrant individual that she had always dreamed of being, navigating thru business, colorful personalities and the people that she had idolized from afar.
Written with sharp humor, and huge personality, Paula Takes A Risk is the hilarious story about the metamorphosis of Paula Tenenbaum, who naively enters into an adventure that changes her life. This is a story certain to strike a chord in anyone who secretly desires change, but is afraid to make it.

First the pluses, this book is a quick easy read. That's really the only upside. Overall the book was lacking substance. To use the authors words the book was as undynamic as Paula. Paula the main character lacks any substance she just follows others, she loses her job and boyfriend in the same day only to fall for another mans scheme. To me it just made her look weak. Maybe if there was more to the story it reads like someone's brief overview of what happened there are no real details to it. No meat to the story.

*The Book Blogging Beauties received a copy of this book for review from Friesen Press. All opinions are that of the reviewer. We were not compensated for this review.

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