Review: The Lean by Kelly Freston

The Lean
A Revolutionary (and Simple) 30 Day Plan for Healthy, Lasting Weight Loss
Kathy Freston
Genre: Non Fiction/Health & Fitness
Published: March 27, 2012
Publisher: Weinstein Books
ISBN: 1602861730 
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If you’ve ever dieted, you’ve undoubtedly worked very hard to achieve results--only to experience the disappointment of having the pounds creep back on. But now wellness expert Kathy Freston lets readers in on her secret: losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can last. With this book she shares the powerful concept of The Lean--a radically effective approach to positive change--with a practical 30-day plan to transform your health and jump-start weight loss in the most gentle, easy, and automatic way possible.“Leaning in” is about setting an intention for what you want, weight- and health-wise, and then nudging yourself ever so gently in that direction, even if getting there seems impossible. It’s about choosing to eat foods that are delicious, filling, and supportive of your goals.
Each day of the scientifically based, vegan-friendly Lean plan, Kathy shows how to make and commit to small diet and lifestyle changes that, over time, yield unexpectedly significant results--something as simple as swapping in nondairy milk for cow’s milk, eating an apple a day, or having an afternoon power shake. These changes propel you almost effortlessly into a forward momentum of ever more healthy choices, and work together to bolster your progress. There are only two rules:
1. All you need is the willingness to take just one step.
2. As you add the healthier foods to your diet, eat the new foods first.
By gradually adding in these nutrient-dense and fiber-rich foods, you’ll crowd out the problem foods, feel fuller for longer, and simply stop feeling cravings. On Kathy’s Lean plan, readers can experience sustained, healthy, and permanent weight loss of 1-3 pounds per week--plus increased energy, improved digestion, clearer skin, and renewed purpose. Complete with exercises, recipes, and powerful testimonials,The Lean offers not only a truly leaner frame, but also the little push we all need to get on the path to lasting change.

The Lean by Kelly Freston is a book that follows a simple 30 day plan to change your eating habits so that you can live healthier.
The book was really easy to follow, and the steps truly were simple.
I thought that a lot of the steps that were included were very true, and things that people should be doing all of the time.

I especially liked how this books was more of a baby steps kind of book. You can take the diet plan one step at a time thanks to the day by day schedule. I think that that's one of the reasons that this is so appealing. You can ease yourself into the vegan lifestyle without taking the giant leap.
Even if you aren't wanting to become a vegan, then you can still benefit from this book.
It is full of great steps to help change your body for the better, even if it's as simple as eating an apple.

I think this is a great book for anyone who is looking to eat healthier, or is just looking for some great reading material on nutrition and foods. I definitely enjoyed it, even though I have no intention of giving up my carnivorous ways.

If you're curious about the 30 steps and what they mean, I would highly advise you to check out Kelly's page of badges.
These are great to share on FB, Twitter, etc. to drum up support from your family and friends, especially while going through the 30 day plan.

*The Book Blogging Beauties  received a copy of this book from Weinstein Books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are that of the reviewer. We were not compensated for this review.

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