Review: My Big Bottom Blessing by Teasi Cannon

My Big Bottom Blessing
How Hating My Body Led to Loving My Life
Teasi Cannon
Genre: Non Fiction/Religious
Published: May 8, 2012
Publisher: Worthy Publishing
ISBN: 1617950769


The media feeds us distorted images of beauty and what an "ideal woman" should look like. Weight loss is nearly a $55 billion a year business. Ninety percent of high school girls diet regularly, even though only 10 to 15 percent would be considered truly overweight. In My Big Bottom Blessing, author Teasi Cannon speaks from personal experience, offering a way out of distorted body images and the pain of self-rejection. She says, "My obsession with fat and failure robbed me of a lot of the good in my life. God's definition of beauty has far more to do with what's going on inside of us than what's skin deep. I have been miraculously set free from the lie that being thin equals being beautiful."
My Big Bottom Blessing offers us Teasi's story—and real-life solutions for the millions of young women who struggle with poor self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy and rejection. She shows that God loves the whole person unconditionally and that whatever it is that you despise most about yourself (it doesn’t have to be weight) can become the catalyst for serious life change. From a search for self-acceptance to finding true love and contentment just as we are, Teasi proves that emotional pain can be healed and confidence found in knowing that authentic beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
My Big Bottom Blessing is a joyful, compassionate, and wise guide from someone who knows the power of exchanging the way we look with a new way of seeing.


This book by Teasi Cannon is more than a book about overcoming self image issues, its about truly becoming a daughter of The King.

I absolutely love the way that this book is written. Not preachy, not impersonal, like your typical self help book. It was like sitting down and talking with a friend most of the time ( you know, those friends who give it to ya straight). I think this was a great way to write it because a lot of people can relate and be engaged. If this book was more preachy, then I think that I would have skimmed right through this book without skipping a beat, but the writing style pulled me in instead. 

I also love how real this book is. In the book the author talks about hearing the voices of  "trainer" and other internal voices. I think that we've all had those thoughts or "voices" at some time or another. Its something that we all deal with, but we hardly ever talk about. 
I think that the authors transperancy with her life, and her willingness to talk about different womens issues, and issues with people in general, really made this book for me. There are a lot of truths to be found in this book, for sure.
I also loved how she didnt just talk about her life, etc. She backed everything she was saying with scripture, so you could actually see that the Bible lines up with what she's saying.

The only thing that slightly annoyed me with this book, was the little workbook like pages at the end of chapters. Honestly, I thought that you made the connections to your own life as she was telling the stories just fine without the workbook pages. It seemed like that was trying a bit too hard. But that is literally my only qualm with this book.

It was great! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about truly becoming a daughter of God, or someone who has self esteem or body image issues, but I would also recommend it to just about any christian woman out there. There are a lot of truths to be found in this book, whether you are having self esteem issues or not.

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  1. I've read and enjoyed this book as well. Great review of a fabulous book! It’s been said that real change happens when we become aware of the negative self-talk in our heads, and replace it with positive messages. This book takes it a step further, offering an honest look at one woman’s struggles with weight and body image. But rather than just “thinking positive,” she became deeply aware of God’s love for her. Knowing she was God’s beloved made it possible for her to love herself. I know all women, regardless of size, will appreciate Teasi Cannon's honesty!